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#WorldPopulationDay: Make Naija no Leave Anybody Behind

Ajoke Adebisi wan make Naija show more seriousness on top education of girls and family planning.


Today na obodo World Population Day, and I wan talk small about some things wey make Naija become number 7 of countries wey get population pass for the whole wide world. Research don show say for 1960 we dey 45 million people for Naija, but now we don increase sharperly from 166 million people for 2012 to around 200 million people for 2019.

Hmmm… Child Marriage na serious matter for obodo Naija. Girls no supposed to quick marry, na school every girl below 18 years still supposed to dey think. If small girl go marry, how she go fit get mouth for matters of her body? How she wan follow make good decision about how many pikin she wan born? How she wan even understand health informate about family planning when she never finish even JSS 3?

When girls go school, they go grow to become women wey get jinja and capacity to raise a good, healthy, and planned family. Dem go also do better things for their community and for Naija we country. E dey very importankpa to respect both man and woman and send both of them go school. This na because obodo world dey get him population from relationship of man and woman. E no pure at all to leave anybody behind.

Die of women during pregnancy or borning of pikins go reduce or even stop if women go fit understand and use health and family planning informate services. Our pikins too no go dey fall sick because their mama don dey strong and educated to take good care of them. Families go get more money too when mama go school, graduate, and get good pay job. How obodo Naija no go be happy country when the money for every family dey increase? No be families make up country? Papa too get big role to play for family things. Make husband and wife join-bodi on top planning of their family, make men no slack for raising the exact number of pikins them go fit train.

Number of people wey dey Naija fit pass 300 million by 2036. With food, light, schools, jobs and hospitals wey never reach us now, 300 million no go funny for us at all o. Make we use afternoon begin pursue black goat.

Reference: 2019 World Population Review.

Na Ajoke Adebisi – better Naija pesin wey dey promote better life for women and everybody send us this tori o.


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