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We no wan Die from Cancer again! Says Port Harcourt People


More than one thousand people wey dey live inside Port Harcourt komot under rain inside the morning of Saturday 27th July 2019 to declare say dem wan choke cancer. Some of them wey cancer bin don kill their sister, parent and friends squeeze face well well come declare, cancer die die die die die!!! Na for inside the Yakubu Gowon Stadium wey everybody begin waka go the Nigeria Airforce Base along Aba Road without shaking. As dem dey waka, na so dem dey shout – “Together, We are Stronger!” “Port Harcourt – Choke Cancer!”

Na Project Pink Blue and their sponsors bin organise this waka and we bin dey live for there. Mr. Runcie Chidebe wey be the oga talk say dem carry this matter of cancer awareness and free testing come Port Harcourt because water don pass garri for the matter. The Oga of Pink Oak Cancer Trust, Dr. Laz Ude Eze carry mic educate everybody say early testing for cancer good, early treatment better sef.

Everybody wey participate follow do exercise, some do free cancer testing and all of them declare say dem no wan dey die from cancer again. Dem wan make government help make cancer testing and treatment affordable. Pink Oak Oga promise say dem go help people wey get cancer wey never spread for body pay for their treatment.

Cancer waka for inside Port Harcourt (Photo by Project Pink Blue)
People wey dey wait for cancer screening (Photo by Project Pink Blue)


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