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Family Planning go pursue plenty problems komot for Naija – Dr. Ejike Oji

Dr. Ejike Oji

Sabinus for the matter of control and spacing of borning of pikins wey oyinbo dey call Family Planning, Dr. Ejike Oji don call on government at the local, state and ogbone (federal) level to put more money for budget for the buying of contraceptives. He talk this one today during the 247th TalkHealth9ja show inside 99.5 Wazobia FM Abuja.

According by Dr. Oji, the number of people wey dey Naija don pass 200 million and this one don make food, money, water, electricity, schools, hospitals and everything wey dey helep body scarce. E talk say human beings dey multiply pass as money dey take multiply for Naija, na im make Naija come become the headquarters of poverty for obodo world. The good news wey Dr. Oji get be say if Naija people fit control when dem go born pikin and also space am well by using family planning, plenty of these problems for we country go disappear, fiam!

Oga Dr. Laz Ude Eze (a.k.a Donlaz) wey be National Family Planning Champion come put mouth talk say family planning no mean say make people no dey born pikin, but e wan stop accidental borning of pikin to make sure mama and pikins dey kajadly kajad.

L-R: DR. Laz Ude Eze, Dr. Ejike Oji & MC Bluetooth of Wazobia FM Abuja


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