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Hurray! UNN don set up One-and-Only Centre for Clinical Trials inside West Africa


Country people, better tori dey for town o. The mind of sabinus dem for bodi-matter torchlightment (a.k.a biomedical researchers) in Africa go don dey do selepete welepete. This na because the University of Nigeria, Nsukka don carry first by setting up the Center for Clinical Trials (UNNCECT). According by tori wey reach us, this centre na the one-and-only for West Africa and the second for the whole Subsaharan Africa. Na since November 2018 UNN approve am o but na this Thursday, 6th June 2019 wey the Vice Chancellor wey go soon komot, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba go give official carry-go.

Prof. Ifeoma Okoye – Oga Director for UNNCECT

The Director for this Centre na Professor Ifeoma Okoye wey be sabinus on top radiology matter for the University of Nigeria Teachiong Hospital (UNTH). She talk say wetin she don see for dream tey teyu don come to pass with the setting up of this centre. She carry big tuale give the Vice Chancellor for the approval. As e take be now, Postdoctoral fellows for this kind research no get reason to dey komot from obodo Naija again.

Wetin this centre go dey do? Abeg, read the copy-and-paste version below with the plenty grammar inside am;

1. Access to the latest prevention and treatment protocols.

2. A rich database of patients presents invaluable opportunities for sponsors of clinical trials.

3. A broad spectrum of physicians, nurses, specialists, lab technicians and other medical personnel are trained on the clinical trial process, NAFDAC Regulations, ICH GCPS and all applicable ethical guidelines for clinical studies.

4. Open to Collaborations, Strategic and Multi-Center Trial Alliances

5. Committed to cutting edge research and new discoveries that advance the art and science of medicine. 

You wan follow the University of Nigeria Centre for Clinical Trials (UNNCECT) talk? Send them message through twitter – @UNNCECT or email centreforclinicaltrials@unn.edu.ng


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