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The Menstrual Hygiene Palaver

Joke Adebisi wan make free Sanitary Pads dey for Naija Girls as Obodo World Marks Menstrual Hygiene Day


Everybody deserve good life and health, but some girls dey miss school because dem no get money to buy sanitary pad; some dey miss exam, others dey drop out, some dey kuku fall sick because of no proper toilet facility to take clean up during menstruation.

Joke Adebisi

E dey kajad make girls follow contribute to the development of obodo Naija, and scatter glass ceilings sef, but how this go possible when plenty girls no get N300-N1,000 every month to buy pad for holding of blood during menses? Plenty schools no even get toilet and water sef. Me dey imagine how some girls dey take cope for this kind situation.

I dey go some places see free condom brekete everywhere, e good oh; but my concern for this one be say, free condoms dey despite say pesin fit hold body and zip up, but why free pads no dey for natural process like menstruation? Why we never see the importance of free sanitary products like free condom? We don forget say plenty girls dey sell their body buy pad and fit catch HIV for the process?

Reproductive and Sexual Health na everybody right, so free sanitary products and facilities dey important for our schools, and communities. E good make schools, government, business people, industries, NGOs, and individuals to wake up to this call and support girls and women. Make all of us join body to make menstrual hygiene pure. We need to make sure say no girl or women go dey use dirty wrapper to clean their private parts during menstruation because of this natural process no suppose bring disease to dem body at all. Na for everybody good at the end.

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Photo Credit: www.menstrualhygieneday.org


  1. I swear I love this….kudos to you Joke….. Wish am financially capable to dey distribute the sanitary pads for our girls every month but the small wan wey I fit do na to dey give the ones wey close to me wey I know say no get akpalakpala to arrange one for herself and I go do am in a coded way, well package and rapped like wedding gift shikena.


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