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Naija’s Dr. Chizoba Wonodi don become Oga for Gavi-CSO

Dr. Chizoba Wonodi - Senior Woman for HSRC

Naija don show levels again for obodo world body-mata things as join-bodi of civil societies on immunisation Gavi-CSO elected Dr. Chizoba Wonodi as their Vice Chair worldwide. Dr. Wonodi na the oga for Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA) and the Naija Country Director for the Johns Hopkins University International Vaccine Access Centre (JHU-IVAC).

See wetin she bin use grammar post for twitter yesterday, “Today in Geneva, I was elected the Vice Chair of the @GaviCSO constituency. I had a chance to brief @GaviSeth the CEO of @gavi on the ways Gavi can unleash the potential and power of CSOs to help achieve our collective goals on #VaccinesWork coverage, equity and sustainability.”

She be our former guest on #TalkHealth9ja radio show on 99.5 Wazobia FM Abuja. Congratulobia from all of us!

Dr. Chizoba Wonodi (3rd from left) and other Gavi ogas


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