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#WorldMalariaDay: We go jinja our swagger to achieve #ZeroMalaria – Adewole

Prof. Isaac Adewole - Body Matter Minister

April 25 every year na World Malaria Day. Ogbonge government for Naija (FG) follow obodo world mark the day. The Minister of Body-mata, Prof. Isaac Adewole tell news tori people say govt go jinja its swagger to make sure say malaria sickness reduce for we country. See as he take talk am for grammar, “the (World Malaria Day) celebration provides us the opportunity to review our strategies and up the tempo with a view to reducing significantly the burden of malaria in our beloved country“.

The minister squeeze face say 1 out of every 4 persons wey get malaria for obodo world na Naija pesin. But e sweet im belle as the people wey dey get malaria for obodo Naija don reduce from 42 out of 100 people to 27 according by the malaria torchlightment report of 2015 (National Malaria Indicators Survey – NMIS 2015).

We wan ask, why be say Ogbonge, State and Local Government no dey budget and release enough money for the fighting of malaria?

For more tori on the talk of Oga Minister, click here.


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