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Vexation Everywhere against Jobs Minister Ngige’s “Surplus Doctors” Talk

Dr. Chris Ngige - Jobs and Production Minister

No be small vexation dey obodo Naija as many country people say dem shock over the talk wey Minister of Jobs, Dr. Chris Ngige bin talk inside Channels TV. When dem ask am whether he worry as plenty plenty doctors dey port komot for Naija dey go work for obodo oyinbo, Oga Minister reply say he no worry at all at all. He come add say na excess and surplus number of doctors dey worry Naija that na why we dey export am to helep other countries. You fit watch the video of the talk for here.

Plenty groups like the join-bodi of doctors (NMA), join-bodi of workers (NLC), don show serious vexation on top dis talk. Naija people sef don show their vexation about the jobs minister claim for different social media and online talk talk places. Some talk say the minister dey talk anyhow because them and presido dey always use Naija people money go obodo oyinbo for treatment. The Presido of Resident Doctors inside Abuja,
Dr. Roland Aigbovo say the number of doctors no reach at all as na only one doctor dey for 5000 instead of 600 Naija people according by wetin join-bodi of body matter for obodo world (WHO) recommend.



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