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Shine Your Eyes! No Attend Anyhow Medical School for Ukraine – FG Warns Naija Students

Prof. Isaac Adewole - Body Matter Minister

Ogbonge government don draw hand for ear dey warn Naija students wey wan read medicine for obodo oyinbo Ukraine to shine their eyes well well dey select school dem wan go. Oga Minister for body matter, Prof. Isaac Adewole tear this warning for the statement wey he write yesterday give tori people.

He wan make Naija people wey wan study abroad to attend better authentic medical schools wey kajad well well and not schools like Odessa National Medical University wey the Ministry of Body Matter for Ukraine say dem no trust. According by the minister, Odessa University no gree make one ogbonge world body wey dey torchlight the kajadness of teaching of medicine (International Monitoring Study of Quality of Higher Medical Education) check as dem dey take train doctors.   

You go remember say plenty new Naija doctors wey train abroad dey fail exams wey MDCN  dey use give carry-go paper (license) for them to work inside we country.

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