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One Doctor dey see up to 200 patients everyday instead of 42 – NMA


The oga Presido of the join-body of doctors for obodo Naija wey oyinbo dey call Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Francis Faduyile don dey cry say heavy workload wan kill him members.  He talk say instead of make one doctor dey see 42 patients in one day according by obodo world standard, na 150 to 200 patients wey one doctor dey see for Naija. He say dis na one of the reasons wey plenty doctors dey port komot from we country dey go obodo oyinbo and other countries of the world to work.

One report from obodo oyinbo Britain bin talk say up to 5,405 doctor and nurses wey dem train for Naija don port komot dey work for inside their country. Join-bodi of body-mata for obodo world wey oyinbo call World Health Organisation (WHO) talk say every country suppose get one doctor for 600 people. However, na one doctor for every 5000 people dey Naija.

How you see this mata?

Photo credit: Sahara Reporters


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