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I go produce film to raise money for Cancer Patients – Actor Stan Nze

Stan Nze - Pink Oak #DonateToBeatCancer Champion

Popular Nollywood Actor wey be tear-rubber #DonateToBeatCancer Champion for Pink Oak Cancer Trust, Stan Nze don promise say he go produce a short film for August this year to take raise money for the treatment of people wey dey fight with cancer. He talk this better talk for inside WAP TV Kookoorookoo Morning Show on Thursday, 11th April 2019.

Mr. Nze say the work wey Pink Oak dey do dey sweet im belle that na why im gree to join them take am to a higher level. He talk say he no get silver or gold to give, but say he go use the acting talent and popularity wey Baba Godee give am to raise money for Pink Oak to sponsor treatment of more cancer patients.

The Oga for Pink Oak, Dr. Laz Ude Eze wey follow am dey for the show talk say their plan na to raise N350 million and helep 100 or more cancer patients wey dey early stage treat themselves. He come thank Actor Nze as he take gree to join them for the waka.

L-R: Chief Olododo, Stan Nze, Dr. Laz Ude Eze and Funmi inside WAP TV Kookoorookoo Show


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