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E fit take Naija 90 years to produce enough doctors; See Why!

Prof. Isaac Adewole - Body Matter Minister

As Naija people still dey para-vex on top the talk of Minister of Job and Production, Dr. Chris Ngige say doctors dey overflow like water for obodo Naija, we don collect some data, torchlight am to show you how serious the matter of lack of doctors be for we country.

According by WHO, one doctor suppose dey for 600 people. This one mean say Naija go need 330,000 doctors for its 198 million people. According by NMA presido, Dr. Francis Faduyile, Naija get only 40,000 doctors we dey practice for here (out of more than 80,000 wey e don train). As e be, na 290,000 more doctors go help us reach this WHO level.

For now, na 35 universities get complete carry-go to dey train doctors for Naija. If each one of them dey train 150 doctors every year by year, e mean say na 5,250 doctors wey go dey produce every year. E also mean say e go take Naija 55 years to train up to 290,000 doctors wey we need to reach WHO level. If next-level porting of 2000 doctors every year continues, e mean say e fit take Naija up to 90 years to produce enough doctors assuming our 198 million population no shake bodi at all. Mmmmh….na Year 2109 be that o.



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