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Tobacco Smoking fit damage the Eyes


According by the Punch newspaper, a torchlightment report by the Psychiatric Research talk say people wey dey smoke tobacco like pikin wey dey suck im mama breast fit go blind as their eyes  fit damage wella. Dem talk say smoking of more than 20 sticks of cigarette in a day  dey very bad and fit cause gbege for pesin eyes o. Affected pesin fit no dey see colours  very well, e go see blue come think say na black; and watching of television go be wahala sef. Some bad bad chemicals wey oyinbo dey call neurotoxic chemicals dey inside cigarettes, and na dem dey spoil eyes.

For more tori on top this matter, click on https://punchng.com/heavy-smoking-can-damage-eyesight-study/

Featured image: Credit to New York Times


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