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Naija People, No be every Hotness of Body be Typhoid and Malaria – Dr. Laz Eze


Sabinus on top public health matter, Dr. Laz Ude Eze don talk say no be every hotness of body a.k.a fever be typhoid and malaria. He squeeze face sef as he dey talk am, say e no good as plenty Naija people just dey swallow malaria drugs and antibiotics anyhow because dem believe say every sickness and malaria and typhoid.

According by this ogbonge body matter person, malaria fever dey swing up and down like janglover while typhoid fever rise like pesin wey dey climb step.  E say na blood test dem dey use confirmate malaria but na blood, shit or urine dem dey torchlight for lab to find typhoid organism. He frown face at body matter people wey dey use only result of Widal Test dey tell people say dem get typhoid. He talk say typhoid antibody titre fit dey high sef for widal test on pesin wey get malaria.


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