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My Hand No Dey for di Infectious Disease Control Law wey Reps wan Pass – NCDC Oga Chikwe

Oga Chikwe - my hand no dey o!

As kontri people dey paravex on top di new law wey federal lawmaker people for Reps wan make for di control of disease wey fit pass from pesin to pesin, di Oga for Naija Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu say im hands no dey am o. Oga Chikwe talk dis one last night for Channels TV SUnday Politics yesterday wey our tori pesin monitor.

NCDC Oga Chikwe

According by him, na “2 days ago” wey be Friday 1st May 2020 be di 1st time wey im read di Control of Infectious Disease Bill. He talk say no lawmaker follow am talk about di bill before dem carry am go House of Rep. He say di Reps fit carry better things for mind wey make dem bring di bill but say make dem wait make Coro fight finish. Oga Ihekweazu say e no too pure to dey make new law about a war when di war don start already.

Di law don dey cause katakata for we country so tey former Senator Dino Melaye don carry di mata go court for Abuja say make dem give order to stop di law with immediate alacrity.


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