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Body Matta: If you dey chop ur finger-nails, e fit cause yama-yama for your body

Photo Credit: http://www.gosocial.co

Scientists say people dey chop their finger-nails because of many things; fear, nervousness, and some kind lifestyle. This nail biting habit dey start mostly when pikin dey small, then e dey increase till pikin become man, e go come reduce as man dey old small-small.

People wey dey bite their nails dey easily get one skin infection wey oyibo dey call paronychia (na skin infection wey dey happen around finger-nails).

The fingers-nails too dey get yama-yama bacteria inside them wey go fit cause sickness for body, if we eat them.

To stop the habit of biting nails no easy, but scientists don advice make we keep our hand busy, trim our finger-nails properly with blade, we fit even use cellotape cover our fingers sev, e go reduce the risk of biting nails, wey fit cause kasala for man-pikin.


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